Welcome to Move to Your Groove

In today’s society, people are faced with multiple stressors and demands in their lives. If you are feeling overwhelmed at times, you are not alone. I have helped many people over the years to identify what their needs are and to develop an array of coping skills and creative expression in order to live a more fulfilling life. I can help you too. It is important to me to develop a positive therapeutic relationship with each person individually and to foster a safe environment in which personal awareness and growth can take place.

I am an experienced clinician in the behavioral health profession, who has worked with a diverse range of clients and issues. I am a Certified Therapist in EMDR, a Certified Music Improvisation Facilitator, Coherent Breathing Practitioner, and Trainer.

I incorporate a holistic approach to working with an individual that takes into account the connection between the mind, body and spirit. I have the education, training and experience in both traditional psychotherapy and complementary approaches in order to effectively and creatively work to gain positive results for your needs.

Both music and nature can be powerful therapeutic tools for connecting with ourselves and the world around us.


We all long for rich rewarding lives. Yet at times we may find we have lost our way, or feel stuck, or we may have a constant sense of dissatisfaction in our lives. Change occurs with taking one step at a time. By taking the time to view my website, this is already taking a step. We can work together to map out a path, a series of stepping stones, towards leading a fuller life. Please contact me to talk about how I may be of help.